Sunday, 18 September 2011

Seared cod and scallops with tomato and mozzarella salad

30ml olive oil
400g fresh cod fillet
12 fresh scallops
1 lemon,juice only
2 little gem lettuce
250g tomatoes,diced
250g mozzarella,diced
handful fresh basil,torn

Heat a little of the oil in a large frying pan.Add cod fillet
and cook until cooked through and it flakes easily with a folk.
Add the scallops 2 min before the end of the cooking time and
cook for 1 min each side,untilthe flesh is opaque and they are
cooked through.Add to the sliced lettuce,diced tomatoes and mozzarella
and leave for 5 min to allow flavours to combine.
Place the salad on a large serving plate,top with the cod and scallops,
drizzle over any juices and garnish with torn basil leaves.

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