One for the kid's:Valentines cake lollies

125g madeira cake,crumbled
300g white chocolate
25g butter,softened
50g icing sugar
few drops vanilla extracts
pink and white pearls and pink sugar glimmer
2 large potatoes

Ask a adult to trim 14 wooden skewers to 10cm.Break 40g of chocolate into squares.Microwave in a bowl on full power for 20-30sec until melted.In another bowl,mix butter, icing sugar and vanilla extract.Add madeira cake and melted chocolate and stir well.Press the mixture into Carefully turn the hearts out.Break the rest of chocolate and melt in microwave again,until melted.Dip the pointed end of the skewers into the chocolate and then push them into the hearts.Coat them in the melted chocolate.Decorate with the pearls and glimmer and then stick the skewers into the potatoes and leave in fridge to set.


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