Thai prawn curry

3tbsp green thai curry paste
1 garlic clove,crushed
1 stem lemongrass,stripped og outer leaves
400ml can coconut milk
1tbsp lime juice
1tbsp Thai fish sauce
1tbsp soy sauce
1 red chilli,deseeded and finely sliced
1tsp sugar
1 aubergine,cut into cubes
200g fine green beans
350g raw king prawns
2tbsp chopped coriander
300g Thai jasmine rice

Put the paste and garlic in a pan and stir over a very low heat for 1-2min.Bash the lemongrass add to the pan with the coconut milk,100ml water,lime juice,fish and soy saucerrs,chilli and sugar.Heat until simmering,stirring.Cover and simmer for 5min.Add the aubergine and beans and simmer for 8min.Add the prawns and bring back to a simmer.Simmer,uncovered,for 3-4min until the prawns turn pink.Add coriander and serve with the rice.


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