pork and cider casserole

2tbsp oil
600g pork leg or steaks,cut into cubes
4 shallots,chopped
1 celery stick,sliced
125g carrrots,sliced
200ml med cider
200ml chicken stock
1tbsp dijon mustard
125g mushrooms,sliced
1tbsp chopped fresh tarragon
2 eating apples,peeled,cored and cut into wedges
15g butter
100g creme fraiche
1tbsp cornflour
mash potatoes to serve

Heat oil in a pan and brown the meat and transfer to a large pan.Add shallots,celery and remaining oil to the frying pan and cook until shallots are soft.Add to the pork with the carrots,cider,stock and mustard.Cover and simmer very gently for 45 min.Add mushrooms and tarragon,return to a simmer and cook,uncovered,for 10 min.Meanwhile cook the apples in the butter in a clean frying pan,until they are golden.Add to the pork with the creme fraiche and cornflour (mixed with a dash of cold water) and simmer for 5 min.Serve with mash.


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