One for the adults-Plum vodka

500g plums
175g granulated sugar
1 litre bottle vodka

Halve and stone the plums.Crack four of the stones with a hammer.
Wrap the cracked and whole stones in  two pieces of muslin and tie securely with string.
Place the plums in two 1 litre jars,with tight sealing lids,and add a bag of plum stones
to each,for flavouring.Divide the sugar and vodka between the jars and seal.
Keep in a dark cupboard for six weeks.Shake the bottles gently every few days
until the sugar has dissolved.After six weeks,remove the bags of plum stones.
Seal and return to cupboard for at least a month,and up to nine months.
Pour the vodka carefully into three bottles,leaving fruit in the jars.If you want
the plum vodka to be perfectly clear,you can strain through a coffee filter into
the bottles,although it tastes just as good if you dont.


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