kids back to school sandwich fillers

Cheesy apple slaw
Mix grated cheese with grated apple,chopped spring onions,a squeeze of lemon and a little mayo.Serve on wholemeal bread.
Salmon smash
Mash up a drained and boned can of red salmon,with a little tomato ketchup.Spread on wholemeal or granary bread and sprinkle with cress.
Tandoori chicken wraps
Roll chapattis or flour tortillas around a filling of ready cooked tandoori chicken pieces,shredded lettuce,chopped tomatoes and a dollop of bought chunky cucumber raita.
Scout's MCC
Marmite,grated cheese,sliced cucumber in a baguette or ciabatta roll.
Cream cheese & roasted red pepper bagels
Fill bagels with soft cheese and roasted red peppers from a jar.
Creamy smoked mackerel
Skin and flake smoked mackerel fillets,then mix with a little mayo and greek yoghurt.Spread onto thick wholemeal bread and top with crisp lettuce. 


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