Non-alcoholic cocktails

Toothless shark
250ml orange juice
25ml lime juice
dash of grenadine
Blend the orange and lime together.
Separately pour the grenadine into
a serving glass.Add the orange and lime
Do not stir before serving.
Grapefruit mohito
6 mint leaves
250ml grapefruit  juice
dash of honey
Put some mint leaves in the bottom
of a glass,then fill 2 thirds with crushed ice.
Stir 2 tbsp of grapfruit juice with the honey until
honey is dissolved.Put the dissolved honey and
the grapefruit juice in a shaker and shake with ice.Strain into the glass.
Shirley temple
174ml ginger ale
25ml grenadine
25ml lime juice
maraschino cherry
orange slice
Pour ingredients over ice in a tall glass.
Decorate with cherry and orange slice.
Virgin mary
175ml tomato juice
dash lemon juice
1/2 tsp worcestershire sauce
2 drops tabasco sauce
Fill  a large glass with ice.Add tomato juice,
then the rest of ingredients.Stir and garnish
with a wedge of lime.
Banana strawberry shake
1/2lb strawberries
1 frozen banana
125ml plain yoghurt
125ml milk
Blend all together till smooth.


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