Kids magical recipe-Under the sea Mr Crab dinner

1 med baking potato
a couple of dried pasta bows
just under 1/4 small red cabbage,shredded
1 carrot
2 olives,pitted
1 sugar snap pea
2 mange tout
1 tbsp milk
20g cheese,grated
small handful rocket

Pierce the potato skin several times and cook in the microwave until soft.Then put in oven for 20min to crisp up.Leave to cool.Meanwhile,simmer the pasta and cabbage in enough water to cover for 6-8 min.Strain and reserve water.Make eyes from thin carrot sticks poked into the olives.Prepare claws by cutting equal-sized strands of cabbage.Make the mouth by cutting into the sugar snap pea to reveal the 'teeth'.For the fish ,use scissors to snip into a mange tout to create the tail and use snips of olives for the eyes.Slice off the top from the potato and spoon out all the flesh.Mash in a pan on the hob with the milk,cheese and 10tsp of cabbage water until it turns purple and is re-heated.Spoon the mash back into the potato skin and assemble the face.Use the pasta bow for a tie and rocket for seaweed.


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