Simnel cake

175g self-raising flour 75g plain flour 2tsp mixed spice 125g glace cherries,quartered 150g currants 225g sultanas 225g butter,softened 225g sugar,plus extra for rolling out 4 lrg eggs 2 tbsp milk finely grated zest od 1 lemon,1 orange 500g golden marzipan 3 tbsp apricot jam Line a 20cm deep baking tin.Preheat oven to 150c/130c fan/gas 2.Sift flours and spice into a bowl and stir in the dried fruit.In another bowl beat the butter and sugar until smooth.Beat in eggs 1 at a time.Fold in milk,flour and zest,Then put half the mix in the tin.Dust a surface with sugar and roll out a third of marzipan into a circle the same size as the cake.Lay it on top of mix.Cover with the rest of the mix.Bake for 2 hours 30min or untill cooked.Remove from tin and cool.Roll out the rest of the marzipan into a circle the same size as cake.Shape rest into 11 balls.Heat the jam and brush the top of cake,cover with the marzipan.Mark the top with a criss-cross using a knife.Stick the balls around the top with the jam and lightly brown under the grill.


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