850g/10 chicken wings
500g clams
2 tsp salt
500g uncooked med prawns
500g small mussels
1 tsp saffron threads
375ml dry white wine
2 tbsp olive oil
340g/2 chorizo sausages,sliced
1 large red onion,chopped
600g calrose rice
1 red pepper,chopped
4 med tomatoes,chopped
1.125 litres chicken stock
400g green beans,chopped
500g scallops
120g frozen peas
Remove and discard wing tips from chicken,separate first and second joints.Rinse clams under cold water,place in a large bowl,sprinkle with salt,cover with cold water for 1 1/2 hours.Discard water,rinse and drain clams.Shell and devein prawns,leaving tails on.Scrub mussels,remove beards.Combine saffron with wine and stand for 30min.Heat oil in large pan,add chicken cook until tender and browned;remove from pan.Add sausages,cook until browned remove. Add onion,cook until soft.Add the saffron mix and rice and pepper,cook until wine is absorbed.Add tomato and 250ml of the stock.Cook stiring,until boils and rice is almost tender.Place clams,prawns,mussels,sausage,and beans over rice,simmer for 5min.Add chicken,scallopes and peas,cook covered for 10min 0r until scallopes are cooked.Stand for 5min and serve.


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