Rhubarb cheesecake

400g Rhubarb
150g Sugar
200g Ginger Biscuits
75g Butter
2 x 250g Soft Cheese
200g Pot Greek style yoghurt with honey
2 Lrg Eggs
1/2 tsp Vinilla extract
1 tsp Cornflour

Preheat oven to 180c/fan 160c/gas 4.Grease your cake tin.
Put the Rhubarb in a pan with 100g of the sugar,cover and cook on a very low heat until tender,and drain juice into a bowl.Divide rhubarb 1 into the rhubarb juice and 1 into another bowl,and cool.Break up biscuits into crumbs,and melt butter,add the biscuit crumbs and put into the bottom of your cake tin and press down with a spoon.Put the cream cheese,eggs,yoghurt,vinilla, the rest of sugar and rhubarb with out juice into a mixer and mix till smooth.Pour into cake tin and cook for 40 min,Turn off oven and open the door slightly leave in oven to cool for 20 min.Then remove and cool conpletely.While the cheese cakes cooking puree the rhubarb with the juice and cornfour.Heat in a pan till simmering,stirring all the time.Leave to cool and spread over cheese cake before serving.


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